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The best wireless micophone system is nearly as good as one with a cable.

What does that tell you? A cabled microphone is the best if its practical to use that. But if you do use a wireless microphone, use a good one. We only supply professional brands like Sennheiser, Shure, AKG and Samson. We can source any other brand but we would steer clear of unreliable brands.







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Now that you understand that you need a good wireless system, what would your application be.  Professional brands come with a variety of hand held systems and various capsules to suit either your needs or your pocket. When it comes to speech only, you have a choice of various routes to follow. Lavalier microphones helped us out for about 2 decades. The rule of thumb that the closer the microphone to the sound source and in the case your mouth is true and that suggested the use of headset microphones. But up to a few years ago they were to large or too expensive. We import a range of professional headset microphones at a reasonable price tag.

Firstly we do the HS 09 & HS 11 which is a micro headset microphone supported on one ear and very comfortable to use. It comes with a connector for Shure or Sennheiser system. Please check with us if you use another brand.

Then we do the Ansr Audio range. In this range is the very rugged AM-14 headset and the SP-H20 waterproof headworn microphones. The SP-H20 Heavy Duty Waterproof Headworn Microphone with replaceable cable is perfect for wet and demanding environments. Designed for use in dance and fitness instruction, aerobics, theme park and amusement games, or anywhere there is a need for a waterproof microphone. Perfect for the sweaty environment of spinning classes. It's extremely rugged and features a DETACHABLE CABLE for ease of use. This microphone is designed for the active professional. The SP-H20 can be used with EVERY brand wireless sytems. Specify your brand of body pack transmitter when ordering the SP-H20.





TOM-Audio earset ES-620sk tan slim lightweight

TOM-Audio earset ES-620sk tan slim lightweight


Text Box: HS-11






Ultralightweight, tan earset microphone HS 09 & HS 11 with case,

1 microphone cable and 3 windscreens both with same specs.

Professional earset mic

High class back electret condenser microphone

High quality microphone capsule with omnidirectional polar pattern

Silicone padded earpieces resistant against sweat, make-up and moisture

Flexible, adjustable, right and left wearable earpieces and microphone boom

Boom with connector to remove the microphone cable  

Very filigree earset comfortably to wear and for wearer of glasses too

Set consisting of: earset, 1 cable, 3 windscreens and case

Black, padded case to safekeeping with zip and a solid foam padding

Foam rubber with milled slots for the set elements and 5 exchangeable adapter too

Flexible usable with available, removable adapters

Technical data neckband microphone:

Polar pattern: omnidirectional

Weight: 17 g

Cable's length: 1.2 m

Colour: tan

Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz

SPL: max. 135 dB

Supply voltage: 1.5 to 12 V

Impedance: 2 kΩ

Sensitivity: -45 dB

Cable plug: 2.5 mm screwable stereo jack

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